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Approved Standing Rules of the
International Guild of Glass Artists, Inc.

STANDING ORDER: #1 - Board of Directors Email Procedures for Motion Discussion & Approval

Reason: formal stages in a email-based motion (the decision making process of the IGGA) allow that we cannot all be talking in the same time frame when dealing with these motions. Formalizing the motion process into distinct stages, keeps us all on the same stage of the discussion.


1) A Board Member makes a motion with supporting argument.

2) A different Board Member seconds the motion with support and additions.

3) An email discussion ensues. The motion is amended in the light of the discussion and proposed to the Board again. No vote is required until the Secretary publishes the final form of the motion and asks the Board for a vote.

4) The Secretary calls for a vote.

5) The motion as published by the Secretary can be amended at this point also. All discussion and voting on the amendment takes place first. (any votes expressed on the main motion before the amendment was made are not considered) . The amended motion then becomes the main motion.

6) The Secretary publishes the amended main motion and we vote.

7) The Secretary publishes the result of the vote by email.

8) The approved motion is published on the website.




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