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Approved Motions of the International Guild of
Glass Artists, Inc.

Motion #10.30.2002: Waiver of Dues for IGGA Board of Directors

That current and active members of the IGGA Board of Directors have IGGA membership fees waived only for the duration of their term of office.

Motion made by John Emery (Advisory Board), seconded by Ann Baxter. Majority of Board Members voted in favor of this motion.

Notes: This motion replaces the historical practice of a lifetime waiver of membership dues for IGGA Board Members, no matter how short the term of office or activity of the Board Member.

Motion #10.31.2003: Reimbursement for IGGA Promotions

Designated IGGA members (maximum two) may be reimbursed for expenses incurred when attending and working authorized shows and events for the promotion of the IGGA, up to Two Hundred Dollars ($200) per person per event, for the fiscal years 2003 and 2004. The designated member(s) will provide a detailed record of the results and all costs incurred by our participation in the events, and submit this report within 30 days of the event.

Seconded and moved for vote 10/31/2003. Majority of board members voted in favor of this motion; 7 board members: 6 yes votes.

2004 Annual Meeting

The 2004 IGGA Annual meeting was held at Warm Glass Weekend in Corning, New York, September 17-20, 2004. Board Members in attendance: Sandra Harris, Vice Chairman; Ann Baxter, Publications/PR; Linda Cardell, Local Chapter Liaison; Jill Medlyn, Membership Director. As defined by the bylaws in ARTICLE VIII, Section 6., and with our present Board of Directors totalling 8 members, the 4 Board Members constituted a quorum for meeting and voting purposes. The Board met for several sessions.

Motion #9.21.2004/1: Establishing a Publications/Public Relations Chair

Linda Cardell moved that the Board position currently held by Ann Baxter be changed from Editor to Publications/Public Relations (PR) Chairman, to oversee the production of all publications, including the newsletter, source guide, brochures, etc., as well as handle the details of shows and events that involve the IGGA.

RATIONALE: This would enable other IGGA members to take on some of the tasks of publishing, while keeping a unified direction to all published materials.


Motion #9.21.2004/2:

Linda Cardell moved that the Board of Directors of the IGGA approve the nomination of Kathleen Karancz for position of Member at Large on the Board of Directors of the IGGA for 2004-2007.

RATIONALE: Kathy hails from British Columbia, and would provide a Northwest /Canadian viewpoint. She has been in the glass arts for a number of years, and joined the IGGA last year at the Warm Glass Weekend in Washington, DC, while looking for ways to connect more with the glass community. She offered her assistance, and accepted the invitation to join the Board. This would take us to nine Board members as of November 1st, 2004.


Motion #9.21.2004/3:

Jill Medlyn moved that the Board of Directors of the IGGA approve the nomination of Gerry Phibbs from Advisory Board to the position of Historian on the Board of Directors of the IGGA for 2004-2007.

RATIONALE: It was felt that Gerry's history of and involvement with the IGGA could continue to guide us into the future while reminding us of the initial goals of the organization, and that that could be best done with him as a voting member of the Board of Directors. This would take us to ten Board members as of November 1st, 2004.


Motion #9.21.2004/4:

Ann Baxter moved that the Board of Directors of the IGGA approve the following slate of officers for 2004-2005, for publication/notification in the next newsletter to the Membership for vote, with a deadline and installation of those members by November 1, 2004:

Chairman: John Emery, term of office: 11/1/2004-10/31/2007
Vice Chairman: Sandra Harris, term of office to expire: 10/31/2005
Secretary: Denise Gilbert, term of office to expire: 10/31/2007
Treasurer: Catherine Ahearn, term of office to expire: 10/31/2005
Publications/PR Chair: Ann Baxter, term of office to expire: 
Membership Director: Jill Medlyn, term of office to expire: 10/31/2005
Local Chapter Liaison: Linda Cardell, term of office to expire: 10/31/2006
Historian: Gerry Phibbs, term of office: 11/1/2004-10/31/2007
Member at Large: Mary Hunt, term of office to expire: 10/31/2005
Member at Large: Kathleen Karancz, term of office: 11/1/2004-10/31/2007


Motion #10/12/2004: Order of Responsiblity

The "Order of Responsibility" for the IGGA should be from Chairman to Vice Chairman to Secretary to Treasurer. In the absence of one of these officials, the official higher in the order of responsibility should take on the tasks of the absent Board Member. In the absence of the higher official in the order of responsibility, the next in the order will perform the tasks.

The Motion of Responsibility passed with 7 yes and 1 excused vote.

Motion #10/26/2004: Removal from Board

A Member of the Board of Directors who has not responded to either 1) a call for votes on motions for a period of 30 days or 2) communicated, by electronic or other method, with other Board Members for a period of 30 days shall be considered for removal from the Board of Directors.

The Motion of Removal from Board passed with 9 votes in favor.



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