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The term ‘dressing the cames’ means to close or bend the leaves/flanges
of the came toward the glass. It provides a neat rounded appearance to the
lines, traps the cement you have already added, presents less area for the
rainwater to collect, and makes polishing easier. It is also the time when you
may break the glass by putting too much pressure on the glass, so be

Dressing the cames is done with an oyster knife or fid. It is best to avoid
metal and use wood sticks or plastic tools. The pressure is placed on the
came rather than the glass. Run the fid lightly at a shallow angle along each flange of the came.   It is helpful to use a finger of your other hand to guide the fid along the cames. You may want to do this several times, as repeated light pressure will cause the flanges of the came to move gently toward the glass with less risk of breaking the glass. This can only be done while the cement is pliable. If it is done after polishing, you will need to re-do the polishing, as it will make the edges of the came silvery rather than shiny black.


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