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Setting Up the Cement

After the pushing the cement under the cames on both sides, flip the panel
over and begin a firm rubbing to push cement into the gaps between the
lead and glass. Sprinkle the used dust from the bench top over the panel
and rub in all directions. This begins to set up the cement by helping to
provide a stiff skin over the more fluid cement. Brush until the whiting is
largely off the panel. Turn the panel and do the same for the second side.
Several applications of whiting/sawdust are required to give a sufficiently thick skin to reduce the amount of spreading, leaking or weeping cement.

Once both sides have been done a couple of times, begin to concentrate the brush strokes along the lead lines rather than across. This will begin the cleaning phase and also begin to darken the came. Repeat this on the other side.

After a few turnings, most of the cement will be cleaned from around the leads. Don’t try to get all of it away, you will need that colour for polishing. The glass will be shining, and any felt tip marks you made on the glass will have gone too. Clean up the dust from the panel and bench in preparation for polishing.


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