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Cutting glass is done by "scoring" the surface of the glass with a glass
cutter, then breaking it along the score line. The break you make will always
follow the path of least resistance, so you want to be sure that the score
you make is that easy path and glass breaks the way you want it to.

Generally, you use the cutter by moving it away from you, so you can see
the cartoon lines as you score. When using a straight edge such as a
cork-backed ruler to guide your cutter, you can pull the cutter toward you
or push it away. The cutter should always be held at a 90 degree angle (left to right).

It is important that the work be done from the forearm rather than the fingers or the wrist. The forearm should be held closely to the body. This reduces the freedom of movement, giving clean flowing score lines. It also reduces the actions that can lead to repetitive stress injuries. Any turning required by tight curves can be done by turning the body from the hips or shuffling around the bench.

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