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Cutting thin strips of glass such as used in Mission Style patterns and
precision fusing projects requires skill and assistance. For transparent and
translucent glass you can arrange a right angle guide on a board and tape
a piece of lined notepaper to the jig. Use a cutting square and move it right
along the lines on the note paper making four or six scores at a time and
then breaking on the last score first and then every other score, and then
each one in half. Vicki Bundschu

Another method is to use the edge of the bench as a guide. With a small adjustable carpenter's square, you hammer in nails at the predetermined width (plus half the thickness of the cutter head). Align the glass to the edge of the bench between the nails. Place a straight edge against the nails and score. This gives strips of the same width every time, but works best with strips of 10mm (3/8") or more.

The thinner the strips are to be cut, the more important it is to make the scores and then divide the sheet in half - the two halves in half each - the 4 quarters into halves, etc, until you are down to the piece that only needs to be divided in two.

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