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If you like to push the boundaries of your own stained glass skills, one of
the most challenging is to go one step beyond purchasing commercial
lampshade patterns and create your own pattern. Sounds scary, but it's
not that difficult if you are already used to making lampshades and can
create your own drawings. This short series of tips will help you achieve
your custom designed lampshade.

The basic steps for creating a custom lampshade pattern will be in three

Part one will cover:

Selecting the form upon which it will be constructed
Selecting the subject matter for the lampshade
Creating your pattern, or major pieces of it, on a sheet of paper
Creating a removable template on the form
Selecting an end cap and tracing around it on the template

Part two will cover:

Tracing the pattern onto the template and filling in blank areas
Correcting any pieces and numbering them

Part three will cover:

Cutting the finished template into sections
Removing the template(s) from the form and pressing it out flat
Scanning/copying the template(s)
Cutting out one copy and reapplying it back to the form
Cutting out the other copy and pasting it onto your glass

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