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Pricing your work is a necessary to get a fair return on your work, and to
make a living.This five part series of tips covers the key stages in this
process.  This tip deals with deciding on your terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions

It is important to draw up your terms and conditions for both trade customers
and for the public. They should include:

  • Details of your minimum orders
  • Carriage/delivery - is it free or charged to the customer?
  • What is the recommended retail price? It is useful to include this, as you will often be asked to provide a figure by shops.
  • Any conditions about display or point of sale material (if you provide any)
  • Credit terms
  • What deposit is necessary - when a member of the public places an order always take a deposit or ask for full payment in advance.
  • Details of any interest charges that you will charge on any outstanding debts.

Once an order is placed, get the customer to sign it and make sure they are aware of the relevant terms and conditions.

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