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A commission agreement protects the interest of the artist and the
commissioner.  The agreement is between the artist (with name and all
contact details) and the commissioning person or agent (with name and
all contact details).  It forms a contract and should contain all relevant
details.  Among these should be:
  • The name of the work.
  • The work’s description, and a sketch of the intended work.
  • A description of the materials, and an indication of the methods to be used.
  • The total price of the commissioned work, divided into portions for:
    • The design, not returnable under any circumstances. Additional changes after the first completed design will incur additional costs (at a stated rate per day).
    • An agreed sum before the artist starts to execute the work.
    • A further sum when the artist gives the commissioner written notice that the work is two-thirds complete.
    • The final sum when the artist gives the commissioner written notice that the work is completed.
  • Access to premises where work is to be carried out.
  • The artist shall retain the copyright in the design and the work.
  • Provision for the commissioner to terminate the agreement by giving written notice to the artist.  The artist is then entitled to retain and receive payment for work done up to the date of receipt of notice, and to retain all rights and title to the work.


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