OUR MISSION: To facilitate communication among glass artists, to encourage education and promote excellence in the glass arts.


Think about what you want to have with you and plan ahead. Things you
may need to bring with you include:


  • Display material/photographs for walls
  • Publicity material
  • Hand outs for the public - artist's statement, contact details
  • Press pack - press release, images of art work, artist's statement
  • Previous publicity and brag book, showing commissions - display it on a stand.
  • Postcards
  • Business cards
  • Price lists
  • Order book
  • Book for recording contacts


  • Cleaning materials, ie, for cabinets etc
  • Box with thumb tacks, pins, pegs, screws, for hanging material on the walls
  • Extension cords, power strips, light bulbs, fuses
  • Box with tools - screw drivers, pliers, knives, etc.
  • Masking tape, scotch tape
  • Pens, markers, product labels, price tags
  • Calculator, sales receipt book, copy of your sales tax license
  • Credit card equipment
  • A storage facility for all the money and cheques you will take in!
  • Also to keep the change box in - stocked with plenty of change, of course.
  • Packaging material - Bubble wrap, boxes, bags, etc
  • Seat with back rest " Small step stool
  • Wheeled trolley for moving stock and booth
  • Most important - your own lunch and cold drinks and water bottle

Additional things for outdoor booths

  • Canvas repair tape/ Gaffer tape
  • Weights for holding the booth down
  • Buckets and mops for bailing out
  • A pair of rubber boots
  • Guy ropes and pegs for windy conditions


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