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Juries are looking for a unique, well crafted, and impressive body of work
in the category to which you are applying.

Therefore, show them a coherent body of work - that is, the illustrations
should all reflect a consistent style and aesthetic. Cohesive groups of work
communicate to the jurors the strength of the artist's craftsmanship, design,
self-direction and intent. 

The juries also want to see representative work. Go for your strongest work and present the strongest visual presentation you can. Again, it should be a cohesive body of work photographed in roughly the same manner. Strong work and cohesive body of work are equally important.

The artist can have as much impact on the jury by editing certain pieces out of a group of works as s/he can by choosing what to include. So, avoid submitting a number of pieces that are in diverse styles. And make sure you have excellent photography.



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