OUR MISSION: To facilitate communication among glass artists, to encourage education and promote excellence in the glass arts.


The International Guild of Glass Artists, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)6
organization formed by a group of interested stained glass artists from
across the US and Canada in the early 1990s to further the use, display
and promotion of glass as an art medium.

The objectives of the Guild are:

  • To promote the public appreciation of and understanding about ART glass.

  • To serve the interests of the artists involved with the production of works of glass art.

  • To provide the opportunity for exchange of experiences and opinions through discussion, study, publications, meetings, demonstrations, and expositions.

  • To acquire and disseminate data and information relative to glass technology, and to the
    uses and applications of glass as a decorative and architectural art form, including market trends.

  • To co-operate with other local, regional and national organizations and groups in the common endeavour of promoting glass art.

  • To acquire and disseminate data and information on business and management problems of
    glass artists.

  • To represent members on questions affecting their financial, commercial and industrial interests.



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